Content design at ESFA

How to design content for ESFA interfaces.

Controlled language

The terms we use for certain concepts, and why we use them.

Style and readability

How to write for the web, and write for users.

Voice and tone

How and when we add a human touch to our interfaces.


Using behavioural science to inform ESFA content decisions.


How to make sure your service works best for everyone.

Using data

How to avoid basing design decisions on opinion.


How we write headings, and maintain structure and consistency.

Asking questions

How we create a clear dialogue with users.

Confirming details

Patterns to follow when asking users to confirm information.

Validation messages

The formats to use for inline messages.


How to give users feedback using banners.


How to make hyperlinks useful and accessible.


How to format text for buttons.

ESFA Digital blog

On-the-ground stories about content design and service delivery at ESFA.